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Operators in Residence

Top operators from companies like

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GrowthX members,
paying it forward

Operators-in-Residence (OIRs) are members who have built tremendous craft at GrowthX and want to pay it forward to the community.

OIRs are torch-bearers for GrowthX members to solve tactical and macro problems, while they work on building their own craft. They are also soundboards for capstone teams. Helping them identify the right levers, channels and strategies to build an end-to-end executable growth strategy for any tech product.

Meet the OIRs:

OIRs are experts in B2B and B2C consumer products to SaaS. They have at least 5+ years of experience with superpowers in product management, GTM, operations, growth, B2B sales, etc.

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Join us at the GrowthX Club

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We can’t stress it enough. Our community members (our fam, as we call them) are the real flair of GrowthX.

Which is why, we have an acceptance rate of 9%. We owe it our fam to let in folks that will truly raise the bar.

Consider GrowthX as truly finding your tribe, your home. There’s only upside here, future fam.


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