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The GrowthX Capstone Project

A 3-week product-growth led project, where you solve a real-world problem statement

The secret ingredient is you

Work in teams. Solve a real world problem statement. The best solution wins.

Validate what you learn

The 3-week capstone project enables you to implement and experience all your learnings from the bootcamp, into a real world problem.

Learn from your peers

Your team comprises of people with a variety of backgrounds. You could be working with a founder, a marketer, or even a product manager. learning matters.

Perks only you get

Live one-on-one jamming sessions with industry experts.

Access to cohesive learning modules.

Kick-off call

An AMA where you get a primer on Capstone projects. GrowthX alumni share learnings and experiences from their capstone projects.

Sound-boarding sessions

Weekly brainstorming and problem solving sessions with mentors and GrowthX founders.

Demo day

Team communication

Your assigned into teams of 5. Each team has the right mix of founder, PM and marketing folks.

Feedback sessions

At the end of every capstone, each team receives personalised and nuanced feedback on their project. As master Oogway said - “there are no accidents.”

GrowthDemo Day

It’s the end game. The top 3 teams pitch their strategy to an audience of 500+ industry experts.

Why do we do it?

The GrowthX community strives for individual growth.

We've built an eco-system where folks get to practice, un-learn, re-learn, experiment, & execute all in one place.

The Demo Day is an example of how our
alumni takes on to real-world problems.

When is it?

After every GrowthX cohort. Typically once in 10 weeks.

Demo Day Panelists

Shreyas Achar_edited.jpg

Shreyas Achar

Director - Marketing

Vignesh Ramani GrowthX.jpg

Vignesh Ramani

Head -  Digital Growth


Sneha Chandak

Strategy, Ex PayTm 

Group 28 (1).png

Nikita Dresswala

Director - Monetization

Group 27.png

Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar

Forbes 30 under 30

Sr. Program Manager


Bhavik Kaul

Chief Product Officer

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-26 at 5.54_edited.jpg

Vaibhav Domkundwar

Founder & CEO

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Capstone Project

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