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We've raised the largest community led seed round from 212 investors

Excited and overwhelmed to share that GrowthX has raised its seed round from 212 investors led by Better Capital. We are the first ever startup to raise from such a large set of investors. If that wasn't already humbling, a large part of our seed round came from our own members.

How large? 65% of the funds was raised by GrowthX members.

It would be an understatement to say that this is historic. Abhishek & I are overwhelmed with the trust our community has shown us.

Our round was led by Better Capital. Vaibhav from Better Capital was our first investor and saw potential in what we were building long before we knew what we would create. His contribution to GrowthX has been crucial to our success. We are forever indebted. Also, super grateful to Indian Silicon Valley led by Jivraj Singh. Jivraj has been super helpful in our journey and I look forward to working with them.

We fundamentally believe that in the future all businesses will either be selling online or will be built online. This is going to be a tectonic shift in the way businesses of all sizes think about growth. And GrowthX will power how growth as a function is built during this shift for organisations of all doman and sizes.

We are not alone. Founders and CXOs from Razorpay, Gaana, Myntra, Reliance Jio, Mamaearth, Ixigo, Bounce, Google, Meesho, Airbnb, PharmEasy, Gpay, CleverTap, LensKart, Freshworks, SpringWorks, FabHotels, xto10X, Merkle Sokrati, CRED, Swiggy, PayU, Cashfree, PaisaBazaar, BookMyShow, GitHub & 160 more invested in GrowthX to help us build Growth as a function in India.

Last year was all about experimentation and finding the right balance of ingredients required for a professional to succeed. This led us to build for the 7 fundamental ingredients of career growth - job opportunities, mentorship, networking, growth frameworks, Quora for growth, personal branding, and access to hiring top talent.

These experiments have shown very promising outcomes for our members. Majority of our operators either get promoted or transition into a breakout role. Furthermore, an overwhelming majority of founders are able to set the right processes in their organisations as well as attract better talent.

GrowthX Origins

GrowthX started off as a learning community for founders, marketers, and product folks. We were an invite-only community with a single goal—soundboard, brainstorm & ideate on growth problems every Sunday.

We took this photo at one of our first GrowthX Sessions back in 2019. It was folks brainstorming, asking hard questions, problem solving on a Sunday morning in Indiranagar


We launched free video content around Product & Growth. We got 4.2 million impressions on our content and over 50,000 views in 6 months. The folks that loved our videos were PMs, marketing managers and founders.

Core insight here was people got a structured way to approach product & growth problem statements.

Community of leaders & operators

We soon turned to a 300 member community of leaders and operators who met, brainstormed & solved growth problems together. We started seeing more and more folks wanting to learn and get better. Core insight was that top talent craves for learning in a social setting.


Launched learning sprints

We got inbound from all 300 members requesting structured upskilling on the macro and micro abilities to solve growth problems. Following this, we launched in-person learning sprints around growth such as app-marketing masterclass, referral/partner programs etc.

Launched five week experience

When the pandemic hit, we launched our full-fledged learning program that covered all aspects of growth right from acquisition all the way to monetization and covering how-tos of hiring & building the right org structures.

Launched eight week experience

After selling out the five-week experience within 12 hours, the response we got was overwhelming. We saw that our members still have the hunger to learn. We launched an additional three-week layer with a capstone project where leaders & operators solve a problem-statement for a real-world tech product which ends at GrowthX Demo Day.


Multiple experiments

We realised that learning is a continuous process. Every new day at the workplace comes with a new problem to solve. We wanted our members to have a safe space where they could continue to grow. To help our members do this, we launched several products, some failed, some over delivered. Our north star was always clear- Outcomes.


GrowthX has now evolved into a 12 month experience. (More details below)

So, where are we headed?

GrowthX’s learning pedagogy is based on two pillars–ability and motivation.

Ability comes from learning and applying the right frameworks, getting a structured approach to problem solving, learning from real-world examples, etc.

Motivation however has never been solved and is an afterthought in learning. It comes from being surrounded by extremely smart people asking questions that make you go, "That's an interesting perspective, why didn't I think of that?”. Motivation comes from being around smart peers and social learning is at the centre of GrowthX.

7 ingredients of professional growth

We took our learnings from this journey to build a world-class learning experience at GrowthX

And now we're bundling the 7 ingredients of professional growth

1. Networking

Show me your friends and I will show you your future. At GrowthX, we design our community connections to not just network, but to make friends.

Members are not only problem solving until late nights, but they play sports together, go on treks, sail together, or even become founders together and ultimately share memories that last a lifetime.

Networking is overrated. We enable GrowthXers form the strongest bonds and build friendships for life.

2. Mentor led learning

The impact of unbiased structured feedback from one operator to another is priceless.

At GrowthX our own amazing alums become mentors. With every cohort, the quality of learning keeps compounding with this feedback loop. Not just that, alum mentors are deeply invested in the growth of the community having gone through the learning process themselves and seen the results of direct feedback and mentorship firsthand.

The core value at GrowthX is to pay it forward and extend help whenever you can. If this is not a positive-sum game, I don’t know what is.

3. Access to hiring top talent

Founders and leaders want top talent that have a structured approach, not just hacks. 100+ hiring partners like CoinDCX, CRED, INDmoney, Indian Express etc have hired from GrowthX.

Today we're the fastest hiring network for product growth talent with an offer made for every 5th interview. We will continue to invest in this space in the coming 12 months.

Our own alum founder network are hyper-scaling their organisations like FabHotels, Nova Benefits, Kaagaz, Josh Talks, Market Pulse, LetsTransport with GrowthX.

4. Job opportunities in breakout roles

Whether it's operators who are cracking breakout roles in Spotify, Google, Facebook, Airbnb or mid-senior folks transitioning to leadership roles in Meesho, Disney Hotstar, Indian Express, MX player, Airbnb etc.

GrowthX members are able to chase the ambition, whether it's being promoted or transitioning to a breakout role.

We will keep building for advanced modules in this segment.

5. Quora for Growth- Search engine for growth.

GrowthX forum is a repository of knowledge. Over 1200 members have created in-depth growth-strategies on 2000+ products solving specific problems under acquisition, onboarding, engagement, retention & monetization.

This repository is the perfect place for members to pick up learnings on products & companies in which they’re looking to get hired or are just curious.

6. Case studies and frameworks

All the GrowthX frameworks and case-studies are built by studying the global top 1% tech products such as Tinder, Razorpay, Airbnb, Khatabook, Duolingo, Quickbooks, Trello, Netflix. The approach is to understand not just what worked, but the context on why it worked. There are a lot of macro factors to why companies do certain things and we try to understand the why rather than the how.

Finally adding the GrowthX touch of applicability to arrive at frameworks that help you next Monday morning.

7. Personal branding via proof of work

Unlike the noise on social media, GrowthX members are building unrivalled proof of work.

Whether its building acquisition strategies, onboarding flows, engagement & retention product specks, or monetisation strategies, the quality of proof of work is second to none.

GrowthX Team

All of this would have been impossible without the truly phenomenal team at GrowthX.

It's a surprise for most folks when I say that our employee count is about 10 folks. We've been able to build a small but extremely potent pool of talented folks at GrowthX.

What's amazing is that most of the team actually did GrowthX for learning and upskilling before they joined us. This gives them a very nuanced understanding with the problem that we are solving.

Throughout this journey, we've had a lot of support from our community, team, investors, and everyone who have been early believers, and we're very excited about what's to come.

- Udayan Walvekar


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