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End to end help for layoffs powered by the GrowthX community

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The why

Over 20,000 Indians have lost their jobs in 6 months. The only way we are going to survive this storm is by showing up and helping each other out. 

Phoenix is powered by over 1500+ GrowthX members. You can find more about GrowthX here. If you found this useful, please amplify this and let’s make sure it reaches anyone who needs help.

Holistic career help

Mental Wellness

Unlimited therapy sessions during this transition phase

Financial planning

Plan your finances for the next 6 months until you land your next role.

Career Guidance

Don't just job rebound. Get a framework to find your next role.

Find your next role

An exclusive job board curated by the GrowthX community.

Free Career Guidance

Free Career Guidance
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General guidance

The Talent Deck is a community of HR and talent professionals. They will help you answer any question you have about careers, finding the next role etc.

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For Designers

Madhuri teaches Digital Product Design (UI/UX) & No-code for Designers and Product Makers. She has 10+ years of experience, notably designing for, Philips, Vodafone, Ebay etc.

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For Product Managers

Naggappan is a seasoned product leader with over 9+ years of experience in Product management. He has previously worked in Razorpay and Juspay as a product manager.

Want to mentor?

If you'd like to offer free mentorship to folks who have been laid off, please drop and email to

Mental wellness

Mental wellness

If you want to share your feelings / emotions with a professional therapist and get proactive help, we want to make sure you get the right support. Book a therapy session at no cost with our wellness partner Nova Benefits in association with Manah Wellness.

Know more about Nova Benefits here ↗ & Manah Wellness here ↗️

Find your next growth role

Job board

Skim through them and use the apply link to send in your application. Make sure you are sending your latest resumes and have your LinkedIn updated. For any update or details you want about the role/ company - please reach out to them directly via email/ LinkedIn.