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Your chance to experience GrowthX and get better at growth.

What will you learn?

GrowthX limited experience is a 4 day learning sprint, you'll learn the following:

Tuesday, 20th December

Advanced growth modelling

The pillar of any growth strategy is an in depth growth model. We will walk through on how you can build a growth model for your product (B2B/B2C)

Wednesday, 21st December

A tactical deepdive

A masterclass solving one specific growth problem on your product — user onboarding, pricing strategy, referral design or partnership.

Thursday, 22nd December

End to End Growth Strategy

Showcase of end to end growth strategy of a real world product by top GrowthX members, followed by a live fireside chat.

Friday, 23rd December

Scaling your careers

Understand how to go about selecting the right company for your growth by providing a decision framework to selecting orgs and mapping your career journey.

Limited Experience


Advanced Growth Modelling

Tactical deep-dive in Growth

End-to-End Growth Strategy

Scaling your careers

Trusted by leaders from

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When will these happen?

Each session will be LIVE from 8:30 PM - 10 PM IST. This time slot is to ensure your work hours aren't affected. The dates for these will be from 20th Dec to 24th Dec.

What happens once you've registered? 

You'll receive all calendar invites to the GLX sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday within 24 hours.


“You cannot explain what GrowthX is, you have to experience it first hand.”


"After leading marketing for organizations such as Kotak Securities, Citrus, Coverfox & currently Aditya Birla Insurance, I expected a refresher on the business fundamentals. I underestimated the GrowthX experience when I signed up. The intense experience allowed me to unlearn & relearn some of the key levers to growth & all of this with the young smart champs in the community whom I would hire in a heartbeat. You can not explain what is GrowthX, you have to experience it firsthand."

Jaimit Doshi


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