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About GrowthX

What will you be doing?

  • Build brand playbooks: Define what is GrowthX's personality, what we do, what we don't, and work closely with the founders to make sure that all outbound messaging is coherent.

  • Analyse the audience that we want to reach, and come up with the brand messaging for them.

  • Creating an engaging content strategy for relevant social media channels, and owning end to end execution of all content that goes out from GrowthX. Owning growth of our social and community.

  • Oversee market trends, social media strategy, and other advertising activities that our partners/competitors might be doing. 

  • Measuring and reporting all content and marketing play. 

Skills you need to have

  • An understanding of video editing for digital mediums. Proficiency in video editing software (FCP/Premiere Pro/Da Vinci resolve). 

  • Proficiency in design. - While we are not looking to create high-end graphics and illustrations, a good to have would be a basic sense of aesthetics. If you are good with typography, layouts, and colour - it's more than enough. Any software works. 

  • Experience in building a social media presence through content (read:: if you have a cool Instagram or Twitter - that's great. You don't need to have experience working with a brand). If you have forayed into being a digital creator yourself - that's a huge plus.

  • It's a plus if you are good with numbers, and can come up with valuable insights looking at the data around you.

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